Just sincerely mine (II)

Less I say,
more I mask myself.
Any suffering,
any soul disturbance,
any misfortune
should be covered
as if just hints of
a tiresome day.

He or she or it
wants to
catch my weaknesses
and, afterwards,
turns them
or just to say,
those were mine,
these are my


Several times
I don’t know how to

answer a simple question

Perhaps, it’s not
that simple, it’s
complex, and…

— How are you doing today, then?

It may seem
kindness coming from
him or her or it,

but can most likely
be a strategy to

provoke my decay.
Through my words
what does

he or she or it
wish to
bring about?

Less I say,
more I mask
hints of tiresome days.


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